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Old Town Jewelers Jewelry Repair and Custom Jewelry services include, but are not limited to:

Ring Sizing


-If a ring is too big or too small on your finger we can make it fit by

Cutting it down or shrinking it, and building it up or stretching it.

Ring sizings include cleaning, checking tightening stones, and repolishing

We size Gold, Platinum, and Silver rings.

-For Rings that are difficult to pass through your knuckle yet still twirl around your finger,

Soldering beads, or making a "U" inside of your ring is an option.


Re-shanking Rings


- When your ring shank gets too thin, it's more prone to twist bend, and break, therefore

needing a new quarter, half, or full shank to be installed onto your ring. To do this we mill a

strip of the same metal as your ring and then we weld it together. Re-shanking includes cleaning, checking tightening stones, and repolishing.


Repairing Broken Ring Shanks


-When your ring breaks along the shank and needs to be welded back together,

We fix it, depending on the type of stones set in it, we repair it by torch or by Laser Welder using

the same Karat and color solder as the color of your ring. Repairing broken ring shanks includes cleaning, checking tightening stones, and repolishing.

Repairing Broken Chains


- There are many styles of chains and we can repair all of them including hollow chains.

We repair broken chains by using the same karat metal as the type of metal your chain is made of.

-Regarding chains and necklace repair, we repair/replace jump rings, clasps, bails, and solder charms also.

Eye Glass Frame Repair


-We repair Eyeglass frames with our Laser Welder.

Watch Services


- We can replace batteries and size watches.

Re-tipping Prongs

- Over time the prongs holding the stones in place on your jewelry wear down and need to be re-tipped. They need to be re-tipped to make sure your stones stay secure and do not fall out. Re-tipping includes cleaning, checking tightening stones, and repolishing.

Channel Repair


- Channel set Jewelry can have many different shapes of stones set into it. Over time the channel wears down and needs to be rebuilt to ensure your stones stay in place. 

Channel repair includes cleaning, checking tightening stones, and repolishing.

Earring repair and Alterations

-Earring repair and Alterations can include new posts, earring backs, and/or earring post conversions.

For example, we can replace your earring posts and backs if you prefer screw-on backs instead of friction posts, and vice versa.

Diamond Setting, Remounting, Stone Replacement

- When it comes to stone shapes, there's round, cabochon and the rest of the shapes like oval, princess, pear, etc are called "fancy". Setting styles include channel, pavé, flush, prong, etc. At Old Town Jewelers we can set round, cabochon, and fancy-shaped stones. We also set in every style of setting.

- Remounting can include re-setting your center stone into a new setting, adding new stones to an existing piece of jewelry, maybe you'd like to remove stones from an old piece of Jewelry and put it in a new one, the list goes on and on and it can all be done at Old Town Jewelers. ​

- If you lose a stone out of your Jewelry we can replace it for you.

Bracelet Repair and safety chains


- Broken bracelets can be soldered together, shortened, lengthened, and re-hinged. Also, we can adjust the clasp or replace it altogether if need be.

- Safety chains can be added to bracelets for extra security and peace of mind.



- Whether it's a broken strand of pearls or beads we can restring them on different types of wire according to your preference. We can also change out a broken clasp.




- For insurance purposes or just wanting to know what your Jewelry is worth we can make you a written appraisal.



- If your Jewelry looks old and worn we can revitalize it for you. It can be a simple re-rounding with a high-polish and Rhodium (re-dipping) to a complete overhaul of your Jewelry piece. 

Custom Jewelery


- When you decide you want a unique Jewelry piece for yourself, as a gift or to propose, we got you covered. Just walk in anytime during business hours and we can discuss your options in detail, from design ideas to types of stones and metal you want to use, and  a quote of what it will cost. 

- As soon as we figure out the design you're looking for and the deposit is settled the custom designing process begins.

- Once we have a preliminary design we will email you a realistic computer rendering of what your Jewelry piece will look like. Here you can approve or make edits. After approval, we will 3D print a wax model so you can try it on and get a feel for the dimensions of the ring. If you want to make edits, it's not too late, we can still go back in and alter the design. After approval of the wax model, we will cast it in the precious metal of your choice. Then we will set the stones, polish it up, and Voilà, your beautiful heirloom quality Jewelry piece is ready for pick up.


Invisible Setting Specialized Jewelry Repair:

Invisible settings showcase rows of stones without any metal interrupting the pattern. Rows of princess cut and/or baguette diamonds and/or colored gems rest perfectly flush against one another within a metal border or frame, with no metal separating them.

specialized jewelry repair

Jewelry Services

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